Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Little Honey

There is more than a hint of sweet in New London's air mixed with the brine that blows off the harbor. The morning fog is saline, but it has undertones of fructose and maltose. Low tide smells like honey in New London, Conn.

It turns out that New London sits on a petrified sugar cane field close under the topsoil due to tectonic shifts. The Mohegans were once known as the "Saccharine People" before the English settled on the west bank of the Thames River. The Nehantic Tribe were called the "Nutrasweet Tribe." New London has long been known as a place where sweet words are spoken with sweet breath. There is something in the dirt. Even the worms are gummy.

There are no sour babies in New London. Every infant and toddler and pre-teen and 'tween is a confection of spun delight. Once a citizen reaches adolescence, he or she takes on dark chocolate and bitter overtones. They are more citric acidic than puffy meringue. Flavors layer over flavors. Richness is a matter of sophisticated taste. The older you get, the more you mellow. The richer the flavor the more demand for zest.

Both honey and vinegar attract flies. One attracts peacocks and the other attracts ostriches. New Lonodon offers angels' food. It is more than a little bit sweet.

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