Thursday, January 04, 2007

Air Quotes

There is a very attractive redhead who is employed at a New London bank. She has a bubbly personality, which is her best attribute, though truth be told, she is also easy on the eyes. Down boys. She is recently married and if you think you still have a chance, she will remain nameless. I will tell you she works for Charter Oak Federal Credit Union.

This young lady can carry on a pleasant conversation apropos of nothing. This is a valuable skill for a bank teller. How many disgruntled sourpusses wait in line to make a trivial transaction that can't be escaped. A cheerful, chatty teller makes the errand go by easily.

This young lady smiles, laughs and fairly twinkles as she chats. She is a pleasure to listen to and a pleasure to watch. She has a lovely voice, but she has a distracting habit. We all have our faults, some worse than others. On the annoying scale, this woman's habit is rather benign.

When she wants to stress a word in one of her charming sentences, she raises both hands and paints apostrophes in the air. Being a redhead, she is not Italian, and this is the only instance during which she will talk with her hands. Often the word she is "quoting" doesn't need to be quoted, having no double entendre or subtext that needs highlighting. For example: "Good Morning, Whalehead King. It seems to be a 'nice' day for your 'walk' up the street today." After this delivery, Mr. King is curious as to what he is missing in the conversation and what exactly this lovely woman means. He is not alone. He is often stopped in the parking lot where other bank patrons ask if they have been insulted.

This lovely young lady reports that her daughter has started to pick up this troublesome habit. Dr. Spock would recommend rubbing the child's fingers with tobasco sauce.


Anonymous said...

" " i see " "

but let it be known, i am not
insulted nor am i distracted.
" "

Your friendly teller said...

Not that this is an excuse, but I am as much italian as I am irish. See you Monday! Thanks for the laugh.


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