Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saeed's and Underberg

Our correspondent, Agent 11, not to be confused with Agent 42, spent time in Frankfurt, Germany. While there, he was introduced to the use of a digestive drink called Underberg. Germans and other northern Europeans make use of Underberg to dissolve heavy meals after hearty consumption and to speed the absorption of vital nutrients.

Agent 11 was poking around Saeed's International Market on Ocean Avenue where Ocean Pharmacy used to be. People familiar with Saeed's where it used to be on Columbus Square, know the shop is famous for cosmopolitan, alimentary delicacies. The former storefront was crowded. The new location is palatial and the variety of treats has quadrupled.

On the top shelf next to the front door, out of reach of children and the timid, Agent 11 spied boxes of Underberg for sale. He smiled broadly, full of good memories of well-digested meals, and he quickly plucked a box of three bottles for purchase.

Underberg is alcoholic, but it is not a cocktail. It comes in three-quarter ounce bottles, just enough to do the trick. Do not take on an empty stomach. Underberg is meant to be drunk when all you have room for is three-quarters of an ounce of fluid. Then it goes down smooth as silk to work its magic.

Agent 11 shared one bottle with Whalehead King accompanied by warnings about its proper usage. Mr. King, used to doing things his own way, sampled his Underberg before his meal. No irreperable damage was done to Mr. King's iron stomach. He has bought his own package of Underberg bottles, but he has learned to use them with caution and always as recommended. His already healthy digestion has been fine tuned through the judicious use of Underberg, available in New London only at Saeed's International Market. Like the slogan says, "It cannot be explained: it must be experienced."

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