Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter Waterfront Wonerland!

New London's Waterfront Park is a perfect example of your tax dollars at work. It is an elevated sidewalk along the shore of the harbor. In summer this concrete slab gets as hot as a griddle, but at least a refreshing breeze sometimes wafts up from Long Island Sound. In winter the wind does the opposite of refresh. It refrigerates and freezes.

The thermometer today read an unseasonable fifty degrees Farenheit. The breeze conspired against the sun. There wasn't any frost on the cement, but it felt like there should be. New London is blustery cold between November and March. It is a time of year that tests those stout of heart and taxes thier stamina. Only the most walkers brave the park

If people who live far from the ocean daydream about it, they have never been to New London, Conn. on December 10th. The harbor is gray and shining as slate sparkled with mica. It is beautiful in a flinty, New England way. It is also so cold it will kill you in three minutes.

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