Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Londonitis

A fever has swept through New London and it isn't yellow. It isn't scarlet fever either. The month is May and spring fever is rampant, but this is something different. Gold fever has been endemic in New London for decades, and this may be a new strain. A strange malady has overtaken Connecticut's Whaling City without warning. Everyone who catches it has the heebie jeebies.

Some people get the chills and some people get the shakes. Some get glassy eyed and some get starry eyed. Some people have cotton mouth, some are tongue tied, others are dumbstruck, and a few are lucid. A wave of boosterism and pride has washed over New London, Conn. The citizens of this city have been siezed by fits of vim, pep, and zip.

After you've been bitten by the New London bug, you get stuck in a rut of eternal optimism. If you leave New London too long, you suffer withdrawal. The most effective cure is regular sips of Lake Konomoc tap water. New London pharmacies sell bottled water, bottled air, and boxes of New London sunshine.

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