Monday, May 29, 2006

The Manwaring Building

Red brick and sandstone are harmoniously paired in a symphony of business-oreinted grandstanding. As pleasing as its streetfront is, the rear of the buidling is where the real action is. A pedestrian bridge surprisingly links the Governor Winthrop Parking Garage to State street via the Manwaring Building lobby. This bridge is a poetic exercise in cement. It is the longest concrete span in Nww England cast without the use of rebar.

Currently home to offices, this building once contained the New London School of Business. The gold letters painted on the upper story windows remained long after the school relocated. A clever vandal with a razor blade, a former student, altered the letters. They stayed in place in their changed condition for many years. When the vandal was through, the windows read: New London School of Sin.

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