Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New London Fight Clubs

On Monday, May 29, The Day printed an article entitled 'Family Restoring City Buildings...And Pride.' The patriarch of this family is quoted as saying, "There seems to be a sense of pride among New Londonders. New London seems to be doing its own thing. It's not going to rely on the Utopias, the casinoes, although that's part of the attraction."

New London has always followed its own eccentric orbit for better or for worse. Usually for the better. New London exists in a universe all its own. I didn't know there were casinoes in New London County. I have since checked, and it turns out they are rather popular. Who knew? If New Londoners want to gamble, they pitch pennies in the alley or play poker at secret, speakeasy locations that will not be printed here.

Did you know that there are two fight clubs in New London? Yes, some of our upstanding citizens gather once a month to pummel each other, no holds barred. If you watch the statistics at L&M's emergency room, you'll soon figure out which nights are fight nights. No, I will not tell you where the fights are held or who to contact to join in the fun.

Yes, there does seem to be a sense of pride in New London. It is a pride that doesn't take any guff. It's a new car, prettiest girl, swelling lump in the chest. The kind of pride you get when a country singer belts out "God Bless America." That's the kind of pride New London has. You better believe it, Mister.

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