Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Every playboy needs furniture.

Every penthouse needs furniture.

I asked Mike if I could tell the story of the day after he moved into his new apartment in the Highland Arms on Madison Avenue.  He said I could, as long as I gave him a pseudonym.  Did he have any preferences?  “You can call me, Kyle,” he said.  
Kyle moved into his apartment in the Highland Arms on Madison Avenue on Saturday afternoon.  The doorman opened the door when he arrived, and the steward followed him up the elevator, carrying  Kyle’s bags.  The key turned the lock of the penthouse suite, and Kyle was home to an empty flat.
“What am I going to do now?” Kyle asked me.
“Not to worry,” I replied, “Tomorrow's the eighth day of the week.  Good things happen then.”  
“Where will we sleep, tonight?” Kyle asked me.
“The Vanderbilt twins are having a party, tonight,” I said.  “You know Candy is sweet on you, and I think I can sweet talk Amanda.  If we show up, I bet they’ll let us spend the night in their guest room.   Besides, they’re interior designers.  I’ll bet they have plenty of suggestions of what we can buy to make your bachelor pad chic, modern, and freshly sophisticated in a comfortable way.”  
“I’m sweet on both Vanderbilt sisters,” Kyle said, dreamy-eyed.  “I love the South Shore Jumper Twin Mates Bedset they have in their guest room, too.”

The Vanderbilt twins know how to party.
The next morning, Sunday, Kyle and I returned to his new, empty apartment, after a night of talking about furniture in particular, and cutting-edge, yet homey, decor in general.  What we learned from all this talk is that there is one way, the best way, to buy furniture at significant savings with free shipping, and exceptional customer service.  High quality merchandise crafted by professional artisans from around the globe is surprisingly affordable when you know where to look.  Kyle and I spent that Sunday morning at the computer, ordering furniture for his penthouse apartment at the Highland Arms on Madison Avenue in this great city we call home.  There is only one way to shop for furniture online.
The first order of business was barstools, of course.  Then, we selected a dining room set.  It was thirsty work, but we had plenty of espresso on hand.

A floor lamp and media storage cabinet will arrive next Thursday.  The  future is bright with the promises of an occasional table, a sofa, an electric fireplace, and a coatrack conceived and manufactured specifically for the ideal, twenty-first century, bachelor's HQ in what may very well be the most cutting-edge city in the world. 
Kyle has good taste.  So do you.  Live in the home you imagine.  
Shopping online for furniture is an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  When the delivery man arrives, that is another, tangible shot of satisfaction into your home.  The proof is in the living.  Good furniture rewards its owner every day, in many ways.  There is only one way to choose wisely.  Less than eight days later, Kyle’s apartment was furnished just as he imagined. 

If you didn't see the sweet little Ninja motorcycle in yesterday's post, scroll down, gentle reader, scroll down to see a truly beautiful thing.       -WK

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