Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nothing to do with Sarkozy or Merkel.

There is more than one way to be say grace... [ One Way Thursday comes early this week by popular demand. -WK]

Continental styles on American shores.
Every American should be thankful for the peace we enjoy within our shores, just as Silvio Berlusconi has plenty to be thankful for.  Berlusconi knows how to do the "bunga-bunga."

After Veterans Day passes, Americans tilt our heads in the direction of Thanksgiving.  On the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the eleventh year, at eleven minutes past eleven o’clock AM, 111111, 1111 in military time, peace was declared.  It is right to give thanks and gratitude to Providence.

There is a penthouse suite in Rhode Island's capitol city that is called, informally, the “Berlusconi Rumpus Room.”  It overlooks Brown University, up on College Hill, off Power Street.  Italy’s premier bunga-bunga practitioner has often been overheard to say that Providence is his favorite place outside his mother’s arms.  The people who live here understand the attraction.  They live it every day.
The stalwart citizens of Providence, of good dissenting stock, gather round the table in distinctive style.  No stern, puritan ways for them.  Instead, their dining room set is the Legacy Classic Orleans 7pc Dining Set in Golden Brown.   Rich finish, refined lines, and an open inset of tangles...  We could be describing the quintessential, stereotypical New Englander.  The whole picture takes on a different meaning in Silvio Berlusconi’s, presumed favorite city.
7-piece dining room set in golden brown.
It takes a special man to be head of state.  Not everyone can be Roger Williams.  Somebody has to be Silvio Berlusconi.  A cranberry needs its sourness sweetened to make its sauce savory.  A Thanksgiving meal has many flavors.  Would you prefer dark meat or light?  Breast or thigh?  The dressing is in one's eyes.
Carve the turkey.
Brown without gold is verdigris.  The heart of pine makes grown men weep, and it makes women weak in their ankles.  Take six chairs and pair them with a table large enough to seat them all.  That's how they do it in the Ocean State, and it is how they do it across the ocean, at Silvio Berlusconi's Thanksgiving meal.  After all, he is known to love all things American.

There is always free shipping to Rhode Island. 

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