Saturday, August 06, 2011

Testing...Testing...Odditarium calling.

I am running a test page for the Odditarium to see how it looks.  Nothing is for sale at this point.

My Heart Is In My Breast.
My Heart Is In My Breast.
Whalehead King.  2011.
She is not a lonely woman.  She has a golden touch.  She has cultivated a stable of admirers from afar, but she rarely gets close enough to anyone to call them a friend and really mean it.  She is a clerk at a non-profit organization operating out of a gutted corner grocery store on Euterpe Street in Central City.  Her empathy is sore.  She rides a bicycle to work, and she has been legally married twice.

Some nights, she goes to listen to music on Bourbon Street, or Frenchman Street, or Saint Claude Avenue.  She works uptown, but she lives downtown.  Hard liquor and ennui make a potent cocktail that she has learned to avoid.  When she feels her heart beating, she knows she has plenty of time to spare.  Follow your passion.

“My Heart is in my Breast.”  12”x24”.  Oil on canvas with  Our Lady of Prompt Succor medal.  Whalehead King. 2011.  New Orleans, LA.  The heart is not a lonely hunter, it is a cup that is always more than half-full.  Binding connections can be made through idle chitchat.  When the wind blows off the Mississippi River, it whispers.

Direct from the artist discount:  $175.00 plus $30.00 shipping and handling (Continental US only).  Total: $205.00 (LA residents add applicable sales tax).  New Orleans is more than a notion in the air.  It is a real place, not a fairy tale used to alternatively scare and entice children of all ages.  Good things happen here every day in every way.  The city’s core is as bright as the crescent that escapes an eclipse.

Sides are painted in matching hues to allow for unframed, gallery-style hanging, if desired.  Hardware included.  Frames cost money, but fine art can be had at a very affordable price.  Enjoy it while you can.

Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico, please add and additional $25.00 for S&H.  European, Asian, African, South American, Caribbean, Greenlander, and Australian customers, please email the Odditarium for applicable rates.

Collectors are always welcome.

Balaenius Rex!

That works rather well, if I do say so myself.

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