Saturday, August 06, 2011

Our company president

Whalehead King (Fig. 1)
I had to wear a suit today, which always makes me happy.  Since I need some photos as president of the Odditarium, I took advantage of my wardrobe.  I rather like the picture at the top.  It is almost statesmanlike.

This second one is almost too corporate, though I suppose there is nothing wrong with that.  The Odditarium has a sterling reputation to uphold...

Whalehead King (Fig. 2)
Of course, there is always skepticism:
Whalehead King (Fig. 3)
And then there is the gravity of a pipe.  I don't think a pipe means the same thing as it did when I was much younger.  Now, it is more an eccentricity.
Whalehead King (Fig. 4)
I have to admit, I am looking my age.  What a broken down wreck of a man.

I prefer the first two, but there is probably a role for all these and more to play.  If you would like to vote, please leave a comment or send me a message.

Balaenius Rex!


Michelle H. said...

I like your first photo, although your craving for eyeglass frames might square off the ophthalmology crowd. The third one makes you look like a smart-alecky principal you see in those annoying teen shows. Otherwise, you look good in a suit in all.

Michelle H. said...

Make that "scare off"


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