Monday, August 01, 2011

Planter's Grove, New Orleans, LA

Planter's Grove, New Orleans, LA.
Who is that seated in the park where Euterpe Street meets Simon Bolivar Avenue? Let's take a closer look shall we?
The Planter's Grove sign inset on the boardwalk with authentic New Orleans' tile.
Mr. Peanut.  New Orleans.
Well hello, Mr. Peanut.  What are you doing in Central City?

Mr. Peanut close up.
And a fine day to you, sir.  A pleasure to make your acquaintance.  

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Slimbolala said...

Isn't that thing weird? We drive by it all the time, but the Mr. Peanut still sort of startles me - incongruous. (For a brief moment, I had my gals convinced that the Mr. Peanut was actually a rotating cast of people, working in shifts, dressing up in the Peanut costume and sitting motionless for hours on end. Like the statue guys down in the Quarter.)


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