Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Louis Armstrong Airport

The Louis Armstrong Airport Logo.

Only a curmudgeon would begrudge anything being named after New Orleans' favorite son.  I spent a lot of time at the airport today, and intend to spend a few more days there on bivouac.  What leads WK to explore the ins and outs of Crescent City aviation?  All in good time, gentle reader, all in good time.

Louis Armstrong Airport's official code is MSY, a mystery to some.  In fact, the airport was originally called Moisant Field.  The field was named after John Moisant, an aviation pioneer who attempted feats that tempted the devil to take his due.  M. Moisant died on the very property where aeroplanes land today on a regular basis without incident.

MSY supposedly stands for Moisant Stock Yards.  For the usual convoluted reasons that make New Orleans history both a boon and a bore to learn, I will spare you the details.  Rest assured, John Moisant's ghost was placated once the new airport was named in his honor.

Baleanius Rex!

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