Thursday, June 30, 2011

There's new scooter in town

A drive through the airport.
As much as I enjoy my motorcycle, it has too much power to be cruising around the city's streets.  The Ninja yearns to be set free in a landscape without traffic lights and stop signs.  For inner city travel, nothing beats a motor scooter, as I've long believed.  I'm a scooter man from way back, using one to criss cross the beautiful state of Connecticut at 35 mph for ten years from my home base in scenic, downtown New London.

In New Orleans, a motorscooter makes sesnse:
At the Mid-City post office.  That's the Central Business District in the background.
The new scooter is a joy to ride in traffic, whisper-quiet as it zips hither and yon.  I took it to Ye Olde College Inn for an oyster loaf to celebrate...
Carrollton Avenue, across from the seminary.
Let's get a closer look at that scene..
Ye Olde College Inn, home of the justly famous oyster loaf.
What does that sign say, exactly?
Only in New Orleans.
The fine print reads "Almost actual size."  The sign doesn't lie.

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