Sunday, May 08, 2011

Odometer Update: Day 6

There are 117 new miles on the odometer.  It took three days of nonesuch to rack them up.  What did I do?

On Wednesday, I went to Sam's Club in Metarie.  It wasn't to buy food.  As someone who doesn't mind shopping at the grocery to pick up the night's fixings, I get overwhelmed buying anything by the case.  I went to buy some printer paper.  I like to go between 7:00 and 9:00 AM, business hours.  I don't bat an eye when I see a convenience store owner stocking up on cases of Snickers bars.  When I see a mother of three buying them, I have to pause and wonder why.  I prefer not to wonder about these things.

I donned full motorcycle armor for my trip to Sam's Club.  Padded jacket, thick pants with padding in the knees, and my Combat Touring Boots (pictured above).  The lady of the house asked where I was going.  I replied, "On business."  I wanted maximum protection because I intended to open up the Littlest Ninja and let it scream a bit on Earhart Highway.  Neither the Ninja nor I have had a chance to really fly the past few months, so I thought it would enjoy having its pipes cleaned.  Top speed was only 80mph, I'm too used to topping out at 45mph in city traffic.  The Littlest Ninja would have gone faster if allowed, but I had to reign it in.  I guess I'm too old to go 110mph anymore.  It's a good thing, I suppose.

Thursday, I went to the bank.  That's not really all I did, but the rest is just as dull.  My errands took long looping turnarounds.  I went to Terranova's Market on the way home, but they were closed.  I suspect they don't want to deal with the many, many, many people who are converging on the farther end of  Esplanade Avenue for Jazzfest.  It is a regular clot of pedestrians, bicyclists, and out-of-town cabs up there.  My end of the street isn't so much affected, but I do notice an uptick in traffic when I look out my window.

Friday led to a trip to New Orleans East.  The lady of he house wanted to take a little ride.  I wanted to go out to Saint Bernard Parish to open up the throttle on some empty roads, but its too much hassle to get there with one of the bridges to the Lower 9th Ward closed for repairs.  I said, "I'll take you to a place you never imagined is in the city."  We went along Old Gentilly Road in the East, where all New Orleans' motor vehicles go when they die.  We saw a fleet of discarded city buses lined end to end in the swamp with nowhere to go.  The lady's verdict, "It's so ugly out here."

No motorcycle today.  We used the pedal kind to go to the Prytania Theater to see the noon showing of "Marnie."  We went down to the Central Business District to take Annunciation Street to Audubon Park for a picnic lunch pre-screening.  To get home, we took Jefferson Davis Parkway.  Total milage: 15.

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