Monday, May 02, 2011

I have seen the future.

Two wheels set a person free.  Beware the forces of tyranny.  While I see no harm in police officers using bicycles, motorcycles, motor scooters, or Segways to chase perpetrators who break municipal laws, there is something in me that resents their taking advantage of the ease of access and freedom of movement that two wheels allow.

I like being one rotation of the sprockets ahead of the fuzz, even though I don't break any laws, well, maybe but some minor traffic violations that are in my best interest and harm none.

Jazzfest started this past Friday and bicycles have been traveling up and down Esplanade Avenue at a regular clip, more than the usual traffic.  There are more taxicabs than I've ever seen outside Manhattan.  Many of them are from out of town, which I believe may be illegal.  Horse-mounted police are on patrol and I have no trouble with that.  I like to see them.  I even don't mind the various two-wheeled posses that are circulating through Treme.  Parking became a problem this far away from the Fair Grounds only on Sunday.  What will next weekend bring?

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