Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyone loves Hubig's Pies.

Are there any recorded songs that mention Hubig's Pies?  I don't listen to the radio, so I don't know if Hubig's jingles rain down from the airwaves.  I'm sure live, scat-laced rhapsodies are composed off the cuff in New Orleans parking lots every morning, and extended riffs are played out on saxophones and snares in smoky venues after the witching hour, but is there an official Hubig's song?  Something to march to while carrying one of these treats in one's hand?  A Marseillaise dedicated to the overthrow of pastry despots determined to thwart the common man from the food he loves as much as he cherishes liberty, fraternity, and equality?

The pies are ubiquitous.  I saw someone eating one with relish this morning down at the French Market.  By that, I mean gusto, not the condiment.

Sweet and neat, 
They're the treat that can't be beat.
Somewhat nutritious, certainly delicious,
Filled with fruit, they're the route to a hoot and a toot.
They'll put a spring in a step and some step in your boot.

You can trust what's in a Hubig's...
You can love what's in a Hubig's...
You can share what's in a Hubig's...
Or you can keep it all for yourself (boom-boom).

Twice as nice
As pies that need to be sliced,
They are savory and flavory, 
Extra-ordin-ar-ily favorite-y,
They're the pie that'll make a smile
on your face...
Any place! (hoo-ray!)

It's Hubig's, the name you can trust,
It's Hubig's, the pie that's a must,
It's Hubig's, with the quality crust,
Eat it up when you've got it, or share it with your chums (boom-boom)!
Just remember to save a bit and share it with your mum (Aw, Ma!).
She'll love you.

Every day is happier,
Slap-dappier happier, 
Effervescently, messlessly, carelessly happier,
when you put a bite of Hubig's past your gums (boom-boom) (hoo-ray!) (Aw, Ma.).

This lyric is not officially affiliated with Hubig's Pies, only in mouth-watering, soul-satisfying spirit.
Pick one up today!!

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