Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roman candy ages well (Part III)

So I pulled the Little Ninja up behind the mule-drawn Roman Candy cart and disembarked.  "What'll it be?" the man in the cart asked.  "What have you got?" I said.

"Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate."

I know the lady of the house likes chocolate, so I ordered two sticks in that flavor.  The man pulled off 18 inches twice and rolled them and wrapped them in wax paper and handed them to me.  I handed over two dollars.   They were warm to the touch.

We sampled about a half stick that evening.  It was delicious.  It was as chewy as the candy claims to be in red letters on a white background: Roman Chewing Candy.

We revisited the leftovers of that stick about a week later.  It is still delicious.  It is harder now, more the consistency of New England salt water taffy.  It's a good treat.  I'm glad I have a whole stick left to savor at my leisure since I don't often happen upon the Roman Candy cart while I am on patrol.

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