Sunday, January 02, 2011

Is New Orleans a woman missing an eye?

"A meal without cheese is like a beautiful woman with an eye missing." -Jean Anthelme Billa-Savarin.

Some would argue that what is missing adds savor to what is there.  Like a bald woman who doesn't need silky tresses to be seductive.  There is something to be said for self-assurance and confidence being the most attractive attribute an individual or city can possess.  New Orleans has that in aces and spades.

I don't eat a lot of meat but I do eat my share of cheese.  Unlike the Chinese, I do no find it a barbarian food.  I don't think of it as a condiment but I also don't mind eating it on a Triscuit.  Some people eat omelets for breakfast, I eat a few crackers topped with cheese.

"A country producing almost 360 types of cheese cannot die." -Winston Churchill.

New Orleans is a town that loves to eat its meat.  There are meat markets on every other corner.  They are corner grocers carrying the usual selection of canned goods and pre-prepared meals but what they are proud of and what they advertise on their signage is their selection of fresh meat.  Meat in all its forms be it beef or pork or poultry, all kinds and all cuts.  Chicken Mart on the corner of Simon Bolivar and Jackson Avenues advertises its wares with an LED sign:  "Turkey necks: 30 lbs @ $25.99!  Tilapia: 25 lbs @ $30.99!  Pork hocks: 30 lbs @ $24.99!  Fresh cuts @ reasonable prices!  Chitlins: 30 lbs @ $17.99!  Beef ribs! Pork ribs! Spare ribs!  $25.99 - $35.99!"  New Orleans runs on affordable meat.

Some New Orleans-specific variations:
"A po'boy without dressing is like a beautiful woman with an eye missing."
"A city producing almost 360 types of po' boys cannot die."

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