Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Loose ends in New Orleans.

Please play today's soundtrack while you read.

New Orleans' best sandwich won't be available after tonight until next year.  Glad I got it while I could.  Tonight we ordered the large Thanksgiving po'boy (description in the link).  The crew in the kitchen did a superlative job, this was one overstuffed loaf of french bread and, boy, was it delicious.  We were sad to learn today is the last day of the season for this Wednesday special.  There will always be next year.

I usually want to ricochet from one thing to the next but it is so nice out tonight.  We sat, stuffed with luscious po' boy goodness and enjoyed the evening air while wearing nothing more than shirtsleeves.

I took the Littlest Ninja down Bienville Street to head homeways.  While I tightened up the screws to eliminate the motorcycle's most embarrassing rattles a few weeks ago, they are slowly returning.  It's streets like Bienville that are the cause.  With all the bumps and pothole-dodging I weave down the street like a baby elephant's walk.  The Ninja is built for going fast, not navigating rough terrain.

It's so nice out I wanted to sit on the porch and smoke my pipe and write this article.  Unfortunately, the chair and table are at the new house.  It is supposed to get cold for Christmans.  Oh well.  A cold day in New Orleans is warmer than any December day in New England.  It's like complaining about a bad day spent fishing.  There's no such thing.  I don't fish, but that's what I'm told.

Now I'm off on patrol with Henry Mancini compositions in my head.  There are worse soundtracks to my minor adventures.

Gute nacht,


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