Saturday, October 09, 2010

Your source for Uptown News

Uptown Messenger
Up and running since last month, the website Uptown Messenger promises to deliver timely local news between the Garden District and Carrollton.  That's the length of the site's beat, no word on its width.

As with most things in New Orleans, I discovered this site by happenstance.  I was trying to find some information on something I knew was occurring in the city but hadn't seen reported in the paper of record.  While I much prefer to get my news in page-turnable format, the Messenger is up-to-date, as it promises.  I catch up on what's going on every evening.

You'll never guess who is published as the site's first letter to the editor.

In other news, the Messenger has just published the route and start time for a second line starting in the Irish Channel tomorrow.  It's that kind of scoop that draw readers from the Times Picayune to the Messenger.  It's what we in the typing profession call "relevance."

Thus far no society pages in the Uptown Messenger.

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