Thursday, October 07, 2010

Who runs New Orleans mass transit?

Was this yesterday's illustration too?  If so, what can I say?  I admire work well done and well placed.
I don't know why this sartorial change wasn't reported in the Times-Picayune or maybe I just missed it.  Bus and streetcar drivers are sporting a new uniform.  Instead of the old purple polo shirts, drivers are wearing river-blue aquamarine oxford shirts with buttons all the way down and real collars with collar stays to keep them looking crisp.  The shirts seem to be 120 thread count Egyptian to my inexperienced eye.

I think it's an improvement and more professional looking.

Unfortunately, to guarantee work shirts won't be worn outside of work the RTA has embroidered the operating company's logo over the owner's left breast.  It reads: "Veolia."  That't the private outfit that has contracted to run New Orleans' mass transit system for a set number of years.  It's a French company, which is fitting for New Orleans, and they have experience.  The results are apparent besides the drivers' uniforms.  There are maps in the streetcars where there used to be none and the maps follow modern graphic design standards for metropolitan mass transit systems.  The maps are posted on all three streetcar lines and they are easy to understand and a pleasure to behold.

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