Sunday, October 10, 2010


Another magazine street sign.  I haven't been in here.
I rode my bicycle through Hollygrove this morning.  It's a neighborhood that has escaped my attention.  I like to think I have been down most streets at least one on my meanderings but I didn't realize that this was a part of New Orleans.  I think of Airline Drive as being a part of Metarie.  Now I know.

I found the Hollygrove Farm and Market.  Though not so much a farm as an oversized garden, this was a plum discovery.  I'll be heading up next week after work to pick up some fresh, local produce.  The neighborhood itself is a mixed bag of occupied and abandoned homes.  I've never heard of Hollygrove so I assume this part of the city is off the radar.  There were a number of abandoned bars and businesses as well, far outnumbering the ones that have reopened post-levee failure.  The main commercial activity seems to be on South Carrollton Avenue since the neighborhood is hemmed in by railroad tracks and Earhart Drive in the other directions.

I paused on the Cherry Street Bridge to look into the Palmetto-Washington Canal, which connects to the 17th Street Canal.  I was surprised to see egrets, fish, ducks and tow rather large snapping turtles in the water.  It's not the most picturesque waterway but I was amazed to see the abundance of wildlife in what is basically a concrete trench.  Has anyone taken a canoe or kayak down these canals?  This one is fairly shallow and I think it would be very interesting to watch what's under water as you lazily paddle along.  It's certainly nice weather this time of year.

Does anyone catch the turtles for soup?

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