Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dawn east of New Orleans East

I headed out to Bayou Sauvage before sun up this morning.  I took Interstate 10, which is elevated above most of the rooftops it passes by.  All of the 9th Ward smelled like pancakes from just after Elysian Fields Avenue to just before the Industrial Canal.  The air was rich with the scent of pancakes and sorghum.  On the way home, around 8:00AM, my nose detected neither.  The moment had passed.  I wonder if this happens everyday and why.

I did manage to capture a picture of the sunrise which I've mounted above.  It was a beautiful, fragrant morning.  Out there on Bayou Sauvage, even though it's within city limits, you forget the city except for the irregular sounds of traffic on Chef Menteur Highway.

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