Monday, September 27, 2010

College Town

I noticed a change in the social climate in New Orleans at the end of August if not the temperatures.  College students began appearing in the places I was spending my time.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the most welcome change in season.  I just moved from Boston, a city which, along with Cambridge right next door, is home to 30 colleges and universities.

I find New Orleans' college students tolerable.  Of course, they are obnoxious and lacking social skills but compared to what I'm used to they are a bearable number.  I don't often go out late at night to their haunts.

For our viewing pleasure from Boston's Improv Asylum, a view of the drama that unfolds every school year in Bean Town.  Same issues at Tulane, I'm sure.

I haven't counted how many colleges are in New Orleans.  I assume Loyola, being Jesuit, is rather tame. Xavier is another Catholic school.  There are two seminaries that I know of, I can't imagine these are party schools.

Harvard and MIT aren't known for being particularly rambunctious either.  It's the other institutions of higher learning.    Come to think of it, Boston College is a Jesuit school and Boston University is Methodist.  I guess religious affiliation isn't the proper yardstick to guess the seriousness of the students.

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