Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Say yes to beets!

Heaven knows how I get involved in some things or why, but for some reason I've become chummy with Aunt Nellie.  Who?  You know, Aunt Nellie the pickled beet lady.

Aunt Nellie is holding some kind of beet appreciation contest.  I'll paste the details at the bottom.  What caught my eye is that she is looking for possible cocktail recipes.  While very little surprises me, I can't recall anyone concocting a borscht based cocktail, let alone one with the beet syrup Aunt Nellie uses.  I'm not suggesting I wouldn't try it.  On the contrary, I would probably be the first in line.  It can be any worse than the Igor's bloody marys that the 24 hour bars serve on St. Charles Avenue.  In fact, I should suggest the bartenders enter this contest.

As for Aunt Nellie's parent company, I've only heard of three of their brands.  Aunt Nellie's beets, of course, and Libby's canned vegetables.  I remember Libby's from their annoying jingle so it served its purpose.  I thought Seneca made applesauce but apparently they've scaled back to the snack chip business.  Time marches on.

If you are interested in saying Yes! to beets, feel free to read below and enter.  What have you got to lose?


Aunt Nellie's "Say Yes! To Beets" Recipe Contest
June 15 - August 13, 2010
Submit all recipes to before 11:59 EST on 8/13/10

Recipe categories:

  • Beverages/Smoothies: Includes cocktails, juice blends and smoothies
  • Everyday Quick: Includes easy, everyday dishes for any occasion
  • Special: Includes special occasion and holiday favorites
Prizes include:

  • $2,500 Grand Prize: One winner
  • $1,000 First Prize: Three winners
  • $500 Second Prize: Three winners

   Aunt Nellie, you owe me a sawbuck.

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