Friday, July 30, 2010

Lucky Dogs: a review

Your humble narrator.

We visited the French Quarter last night on a mission:  to eat a Lucky Dog.  As noted previously, Lucky Dogs don't have the best reputation at this blog or with anyone I've talked to.  [Representative review here .]  I had eaten one before and the experience is detailed somewhere in the archives for those with more patience than I have to find it.  The lady of the house had never tried one.  Let the games begin!

The carts were at just about every Bourbon Street intersection.  The Quarter is the only place you can find Lucky Dogs and there were often two carts, each on opposing corners.  We walked the length of Bourbon Street and doubled back and selected our cart.

The guy was nice enough.  He made a big show of applying hand sanitizer and then reusing some plastic gloves that were on the cart.  We ordered one Lucky Dog ($5.50) and one Regular Dog ($4.50) and told the proprietor to fix them as he saw fit since he's the expert.  He made both with chili sauce, mustard, ketchup and diced onion.  He said he sells at least a hundred a night.

The Regular Dog is a standard hot dog on a standard issue white bun.  The Lucky Dog is a larger version served on an oversized roll dusted with cornmeal.  Besides the Lucky Dog being bigger, especially in the bread department, there is no difference.  If I were to fathom a guess about the sausage's contents, I would say chicken and pork.  

We walked down the street and found a place to eat our dinner.  My instinctive reaction: "This is a bad dog."  My companion's: "It's not a bad dog, it's just not a good dog."  We finished all but a bite of the regular and got down about three quarters of the larger version.   

About ten minutes later my companion said, "What's that aftertaste?  That was a bad dog!"

We settled into Cafe du Monde for a cup of coffee and sipped at our cups, all the while feeling our stomachs complain of what we put in them.  Poor stomachs!  Lucky Lucky Dogs.  No wonder they don't want competition in the Quarter.    

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