Sunday, June 06, 2010

Celebrating Dorchester Day

As poetic Fate would have it, my last full day in Boston is Dorchester Day.  I had to be elsewhere much of the day but I caught the tail end of the parade since I live only a few streets from the end of the parade route (the length of Dot Ave).

My last full day in Boston is also the day that celebrates the part of this fair city that I have enjoyed the most.  I find this as fitting as it is accidental.  I really wasn't paying any attention this year.

As I drive down the Mass Pike tomorrow morning I'll being thinking of Dorchester as I cross the Allston line into Newton (I think it's Newton).  A Huzzah to Dot in it's 380th year!  I wish I could stick around for many more of them.


Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

Thanks for the heads up about the parade! We will miss you here in Dorchester~ Congratulations on the move though


Whalehead King said...

It starts in Lower Mills, Your best seat down there is in front of Carney Hospital. Start checking the Dorchester Reporter around June and you'll be up to date on developments next year.



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