Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alabama's tallest building

Very busy the past couple of days so rather than detail my adventures, here are some more photos from my trip that lasted from May 2nd to May 7th.

Two Virginia courthouses:

What was interesting was that these buildings were right in the middle of town and had to be driven around to get to anything else.  Where New England towns are centered on the Town Green, an open space, these county seats were centered on the county courthouse.

Remember I described the tallest building in Mobile, Alabama on May 7th?  Here's the Mobile skyline:

I know it's not very awe-inspiring.  I did mention that there are only three skyscrapers, and that one on the right is a beauty.  Here's what it looks like in a little more detail:
I was talking to someone from Mobile recently and she told me that not only is this building the tallest in Mobile, it is the tallest in all of Alabama.  No mean feat, that.  I asked her what it is called and she couldn't remember, "It's the Tall Building."  I asked her who built it.  "I think it's an insurance company," she said.  I'll have to wait a bit longer until I get the answers to the really pertinent questions.

Just reminiscences for now.  I have a very tight schedule the next few days but business will resume its usual tempo shortly.


Sean said...

The building is known as the RSA (Retirement Systems of Alabama) Battle House Tower. The "Battle House Tower" portion of the name is in homage to the historic Battle House Hotel; which was restored as part of the tower's construction. The 35 story structure stands 745 feet and is the tallest building on the US Gulf Coast; outside of Houston that is...

If you ever want to now about a tall building send a note my way...I make a hobby of sorts learning about tall-buildings everywhere...

Whalehead King said...

Nice work Sean. Thanks.


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