Friday, May 28, 2010

Isn't she lovely?

The Little Ninja with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Background:

In the small community of Locust Bottom, in the Shenandoah Valley:
How do I remember I was in Locust Bottom?  This was on the other side of the road:

Somewhere in the woods in southeastern Tennessee:
You thought I made up the Alabama Museum?
My favorite photo from New Orleans:

Much as I'm enjoying riding my bicycle, I do miss having the Little Ninja keeping me company.  I took the bicycle out on the Neponset River Trail yesterday.  It's a great ride starting at Tenean Beach and ending at the River Street stop on the Mattapan High Speed Line.  This is a nice trail, short trail (a little over 2 miles) that runs along the Neponset, passed Cedar Grove Cemetary, along a salt marsh, parallel to the trolley tracks, and through that brick gingerbread wonderland of Lower Mills.

1 comment:

Michelle H. said...

Great photos! That is a striking blue motorcycle in contrast to those green mountains. I always wonder how places like that get their names. Locust Bottom? Really, I would have never thought of naming somewhere like that.


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