Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Who could put the T in Dot?

We all know Dorchester is the best part of Boston and some people would try to convince you this is a direct affect of the Menino administration.  I doubt it, even if he specially picked his spokesperson, DOT JOYce, for her name.  Personally, I'm surprised she wasn't required to change it to Roxie Mandela when she was hired.

Records show that Dorchester has been very, very good before Menino came along.  Dorchester attracts the kind of people that make it better than good.  Walk around.  On any block of Geneva Avenue or Bowdoin Street you can see Thomas Menino's equal, especially in the mechanic shops.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone who can tune what's under the hood of some of Dorchester's used cars wouldn't be able to tweak and lubricate how the city runs and be just as articulate.

Speaking of articulate, it's just as well that the mayor calls Hyde Park home, but if Dorchester does need one resident who was larger than life, rather than just larger than me, I know who it would be.  Dorchesterites walk the walk and they talk the talk, but wouldn't it be nice to have someone who talked even straighter in a language we could all understand.  Could Mr. T be recruited to march beside the Dorchester Mayor on Dorchester Day?

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