Monday, March 15, 2010

Dorchester's best pizzeria

Now that Theo's Pizza is closed it's a tough call what Dorchester's best pizzeria may be.  Heaven knows there are plenty of them.  It's hard to say many of them have any defining characteristics beyond address though.

If you've travelled New England any length of distance and stopped for a pizza, you know the standard New England pie.  The crust is neither thick nor thin but somewhere in the middle, just enough to absorb all the oil that leaks out of the shredded, wholesale, industrial mozzarella.  The sauce is ladled out of a gallon can.  The seasoning is oregano.  I haven't been to every pizzeria in Dorchester, I haven't the time, but from what I've sampled Dorchester pizza chefs don't stray to far from the New England paradigm.  They shouldn't really.  I'm a Nutmeg Yankee and I'll order a Dot slice over a New York or Chicago style pie any day.

As with many things, if you are moving to Dorchester, don't get your hopes up too high for high-faluting pizza.  As with everything, you will find that what is in Dot will hit the spot.  If you take the Red Line to Field's Corner, I'll meet you at Hi-Fi.


Ashmont said...


I don't claim to have tasted every one, because of the vastness of Dorchester, BUT having lived here for more years than I care to admit (all my life), I must highly recommend Stefano, 863 Washington Street, in between Gallivan Blvd. and Codman Sq. (closer to the former). Unfortunately, they don't deliver, and it is a hole in the wall with no seating, but it is very, very good (as Hifi used to be!)A hidden gem! I also like the fancy pizza at Tavolo, but you know one doesn't always want fancy. Please try Stefano and if you later find one better, please let everyone know!

Whalehead King said...

I agree Tavolo is a nice fancy pie but I'm thinking more a bread-and-butter, everyday pie that's over the norm in a walk-in joint.

I'll check out Stefano on your recommendation. Nice tip, Ashmont. Thanks.

If we sampled all the pizza in Dot we'd have arteries as clogged as some of the streets. It is a banquet of options though.

With a handshake,

dottiehottie said...

Will also be trying Stefano. Tavolo is delicious but spendy, I agree. Charlie's on Dot Ave. is a nice greasy pie and speedy with delivery, too.


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