Sunday, February 07, 2010

Motorcyclists unite

I don't like the Dot Matrix to serve as a collection of links pointing the reader elsewhere, but sometimes, something is so good, it should be shared.    An article on motorcycles that appears at The Selvage Yard, is just that kind of thing.    It's a nice piece, just two paragraphs of text and then a long selection of photographs of celebrities on their bikes.

One of those photos is the one above.  That's not Whalehead King, but WK recognizes that look on Steve McQueen's face.  Anyone who has eyeballed the road up ahead, taken its measure, and decided to proceed anyway with full confidence even if there's a bit of butterfly hidden in the belly.

Go to the Selvage Yard, read the brief commentary, and enjoy the pictures.  A nice essay.  It's just the thing for a February day in Boston.

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