Monday, January 25, 2010

Field's Corner upskirt re-design

The Obama administration has just released funds for a shovel-ready redesign of the Field's Corner station on the MBTA Red Line.  Official details are reportedly scheduled to be released next week, but an anonymous source confirms that MBTA engineers, under direct orders from the Governor, have studied a Japanese prototype design and green lighted the project for immediate construction.

An anonymous source from the Governor's office confirms. "We're behind this all the way.  It will create jobs, not only in traditional construction trades and for unionized track layers and electrical switchmen.  There's a big fiberglass fabrication budget that goes along with this design.  The benefits are enormous."

An anonymous source at the MBTA stated, "While Field's Corner is one of the system's newer stations, this represents a serious visual upgrade that will focus interest on the Red Line's lesser used branch and increase tourist ridership.  The 'gawk-factor' alone is expected to increase ridership between JFK/UMASS and Ashmont by 30%. "

An anonymous source at a local Dorchester redevelopment agency said, "This is the best news Field's Corner has had in years.  It's a cheeky project that emphasizes that Dorchester is not just about working for a living but also about having fun while you're doing it."

An anonymous operative from the Mayor's office wanted to be kept off the record until the Mayor released an official opinion.  She did scribble the following on a napkin: "If it is already decided, His Honor supports it and his involvement will be traced back to its roots accordingly."

So, what's the new design?  You saw it here first.  Special thanks to the MBTA engineer who leaked this brunette bombshell.  

A tip of the fedora to Dr. Hermes for providing the photographic evidence that such a thing can exist.  Some people would say something like this could only exist in Japan.  If the MBTA has its way, it will be in Field's Corner by the end of 2013.  That's assuming the federal stimulus package doesn't run out of funds.  Pure Dot magic.


Sean said...

Very cool. DOT has this amazing variety of backyard industry, art, design, and a diversity of culture and history. It has the potential to be funky and still retain its authenticity. I say, if the money is there and people don't go totally batshit crazy, build-it!

Suldog said...

Some cretin would no doubt complain that's it's a form of kiddie porn or violence against womyn or some other PC nonsense :-)

Anonymous said...

I think addding a bit t Field's Corner would be great as would putting some local artists and artisans to work. While we're on the subject of the Field's Corner Station has anyone noticed that about half of the cool new lights that line the walkway to Geneva Avenue are out. The more calls the MBTA gets about this the better!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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