Monday, January 11, 2010


Imagine there's no Dorchester...

Hyde Park, Franklin Park and Grove Hall all contain beachfront property.  The distance to Quincy is unbridgeable, the Red Line to Braintree runs, like the Blue Line, under water.  There's no Southie because South Boston used to be part of Dorchester.

Boston is really, really crowded.  There is nowhere for 100,000 extra people to live except spread around the other neighborhoods.  That's a lot of spreading, one sixth the population.  The West End is now as crowded as Scollay Square.

The city's supply of natural gas is all stored in Chelsea and Everett.  There is a gas tank in Chelsea that is painted in a mural signed 'Corita' with Ho Chi Minh's profile hidden in its brushstrokes.  The best Vietnamese food is found in Chinatown, of all places.  The Green Line has Boston's most attractive trolleys in service because there isn't a Mattpan High Speed.  

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