Thursday, November 05, 2009

Son of Codman Square

Positive media should never be hard to find!

I don't think any Dorchesterite would disagree with that statment. No offense to the Dorchester Reporter, which presents the most well-balanced and fair description of Dorchester affairs as they unfold, but other hide-bound media venues don't always paint the many positive nuances of Dorchester with the same sharp focus as they do the negative.

We understand that blood draws sales but there is more to human interest than misery. Dorchester is home to more than murder or despair. In fact, this part of Boston harbors and nurtures more than its share of hope. More people float than sink in Dorchester and quite a few of them rise.

The sons and daughters of Codman Square and Peabody Square, of Ronin Park and Meeting House Hill, of Savin Hill and Pope's Hill, of Field's Corner and Upham's Corner, of Four Corners, of Lower Mills, of Talbot Ave and of Harbor Point...the sons and daughters of Dorchester will build tomorrow better than today. Dorchester Excelsior!

Postive news about Dorchester shouldn't be hard to find. For those who can't get out to the coffee shops, the barber shops, the grocery shops, the bakeries, the florists, the gas stations, the fraternity halls every day, the internet brings good news to your door if you know where to look.

Set a Google alert for Dorchester, MA and you never know what good news will drop into your virtual mailbox.

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