Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOGO: Buy one and get

There is a sale going on in Dorchester, Mass. It's a real estate bonanza. It's not a fire sale and it's not a going out of business sale. It's not a holiday sale except in the sense that every day is Dorchester Day in Dorchester! It's good value honestly negotiated over the barrelhead, sold and bought with only the best intentions for sharing a sound investment. Everyone comes out a winner in Dorchester

You can buy a condo or a house or a loft in Dorchester and you get to own that condo or house or loft if you don't think about the bank that financed the purchase and still holds the deed. You also get something added on for free, an extra value, a get a little something that makes the mortage less onerous... You get to live in Dorchester!

Not the Dorchester in England. The Dorchester in Massachusetts is the better Dorchester. That's why the Pilgrims sailed away here. It's the best part of Boston. You don't have to sail across the Atlantic. Just take the Red Line and have your downpayment. Happiness and prosperity will follow.

Living in Dorchester is a two-for-one deal: you get to live in the Dot and you get to be a Bostonian. This is the best of all possible worlds. Most Dorchester real estate brokers have a doctorate in optimism. Most Dorchesterites come upon their panglossian view of the world not through book philosophy but by the street lessons their surroundings impart. You can't live in Dorchester long without going through every following day with a punch drunk, Mona Lisa smile on your mug. Dorchester breeds contentment. Realtors don't lie. They don't even fib in the Dot.

Wise investors know they will get the best return on their dollar when they buy property in Dorchester. This isn't speculation. It's a proven, historical fact. Dorchester may be a neighborhood of booms and busts if you keep your ears and eyes open, but it is also home to a steady climb. Everything goes up in Dorchester. As a rising tide lifts all ships, Dorchester promotes the portfolio and personal growth of everyone it touches. Dorchester excelsior!

Buddy, you can spare a dime. When you buy a gumball in Dorchester, two fall out of the machine's slot. It's BOGO all the time in the Dot.

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