Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New look!

Take a new look at ye olde Dot with fresh eyes. It's not your grandparents' Dorchester. It's yours, ripe for the picking. Succulent fruit like a Clapp pear picked off a sagging branch at the cusp of an autumn midnight under a harvest moon, Dorchester is nourishing and sweet. Whether you're hankering for a roti or a slice of pizza pie or grilled octopus or barbeque, you'll find the nourishment that satisfies your craving in Dorchester, Mass. Food for the soul. Dorchchester is full of savory flavors to fuel your internal combustion. It's yummy It's umami.

Ye olde Dot is older than Bostonia itself by a few months and it looks the part of a coquettish sibling. Dorchester is flirtatious. It is rambunctious. It is full of vim and pep and piss and vinegar. Dorchester doesn't mind speaking its heart. Dorchester has the soul of a child in an wizened body. It's a regular Benjamin Button.

Dorchester keeps what is best of its old parts but it is sleek and modern and streamlined. It's arte nouveau. It's l'arte moderne. It's je ne c'est quoi. You can't put your finger on what makes the Dot so good but you can feel it's pulse. It's a thumper too, like a jackrabbit that's just outpaced a pack of greyhounds and is ready to bed down in a hutch with a bevy of does. Ooo-la-la! Dorchester still has that old black magic called love.

If the electric company could harness all the energy in Dorchester a green revolution would be underway and no one in America would have to worry about oil independence. The Dot is hotter than greenhouse gasses. Dorchester exhales volts and megawatts. If you plug into Dorchester you can tune out the rest of Boston. Drop into the Dot. Dorchester's thermostat is always turned on high without any waste of heat.

I've never read the story but my son and I saw the movie and we enjoyed it very much. The story is probably different and better, the way these things usually work. Watch your local newspaper listings in a few years for the debut of the Dot Matrix movie coming to a theater near you!


Adam Pieniazek said...

Much cleaner and easier on the ol' eyes. Good job WHK!

Whalehead King said...

A tip of the fedora your way, kind sir. Thanks.

Randy Carboni said...

I agree, much easier to read. Bravo!


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