Monday, March 23, 2009


Some wags about Boston call it Poor-chester but I don't cotton to that nickname. It's Dorchester, by gum, and if you can't say it right you don't deserve to visit. However much cash you have in your bank account, you are rich in spirit if you pass most of your time within the boundaries of Dorchester, Mass. If you want to employ some witty, conversational shorthand, call Dorchester The Dot, the way most people do. It is a dot, the center of a target at which many people aim and they feel lucky if they hit it. If you can make good in Dorchester, you are home free. It isn't a jail. It is Park Place. Dot Ave is a broad way that leads to fulfilled dreams.

The Dot is a hotspot for rich, poor or whatnot. There is little snob appeal in a neighborhood that encompasses varied square miles and almost a hundred thousand souls from all walks of life, possessing all skill sets, with a host of ambitions, and all wanting to be better tomorrow. Everyone is welcome and everyone has a home. There are differences, but few of them matter at the coffee shop counter. There are no reserved bar stools in Dorchester. It is first arrived, first served, and friendly banter and local gossip make up the menu and the entertainment. You can be lonely in Dorchester, but if you are it is a self-imposed exile. Dorchester if full of people looking to make connections and get along with one another to mutual advantage. This is what makes Dorchester anything but poor. You can't put a price tag on community.

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