Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dorchester Bay Rum

I can't find Bay Rum for sale in Dorchester. There just aren't enough shops stocked with a full range of gentlemen's toiletries in this part of the city. There are drug stores, which stock some colognes and aftershaves, but really, nobody has ever turned a ladies head smelling of Old Spice or store brand Skin Bracer.

I embarked to Harvard Square in Cambridge. You can tell is it warm because I took the Littlest Ninja motorcycle down Massachusetts Avenue instead of the T. It was nice enough today that I went as far as Lexington, enjoying the scenery, saw the Lexington Minuteman, bareheaded but just as bold as the tricorner-hatted one on the state quarter, but then I turned around. I had Bay Rum on my mind. Winter is concluding and I want to smell, and smell like, an exotic, tropical breeze, a breath of fresh air and Triangle Trade.

On my way back inbound I parked in front of Colonial Drugs between Harvard and Brattle Squares. When you drive a little Ninja you don't worry about finding parking or paying for the priveledge. You just fit in on the margins of designated zones and no coppers give you any bother. You are a motorized vehicle but you don't get in anyone''s way. No ticket for the Little Ninja.

I didn't see any Bay Rum on offer at Colonial Drugs and the shop is a little too creepy for my tastes to ask for assistance. They do carry oversized bottles of the cologne No. 4711, and I filed that note away in my mental slop box for when mine runs out in two or three years. I remembered the tobacco shop on the other end of Harvard Square carries an array of men's toiletries in the back of the shop so I walked over there. I purchased twelve ounces of J. Pinaud's Bay Rum for a little more than I expected, but I saved shipping costs.

I brought my bottle of J. Pinaud Bay Rum up to the register and the clean-cut chap behind the register asked if that would be all. Did I need a bag? No, I would put it in my motorcycle-friendly satchel. When bills and coins had changed hands, the young man said, "Thank you for coming here today. We appreciate your business." That clinched the deal. Not only will I buy my toiletries here but I'm thinking of taking up the ruminative habit of pipe smoking which is really this shop's bread-and-butter. For the life of me, I can't remember the shop's name though I have been there many times before today. It's the tobacconist off Harvard Square if you walk past the Cambridge Trust Building. They are very nice and very professional and they sell the accouterments that a thinking, sophisticated gentleman requires.

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