Saturday, February 14, 2009

The play is the thing

We watched young lovers strolling Codman Square this afternoon. It wasn't clear whether Valentine's Day made them feel more affectionate or not. They just seemed to be doing what came naturally.

Though it is mid-February and feels like it, flowers were on the streets. Both men and women were carrying bouquets, either to give or after having received. Carnations, roses, and babies' breath bobbed with each step as couples sauntered to Shawmut Station or Peabody Square. The cars on the Red Line were like greenhouses full of out-of-season flowers. The scents of pollen and love were in the air.

At the Codman Square Branch of the Boston Public Library, we witnessed a teenaged boy deliver a hand made card to a similarly aged girl. "Will you be mine?" he asked between the racks. "I will," she answered, and the two exchanged a quick hug and a peck before they could be accused of making a disruptive, public display of affection.

It's a shame Dorchester no longer has a cinema within its boundaries. Dinner-and-a-movie is the classic date for young people in love. Myself, I am forced to squire my intended to Cambridge to view 'Casablanca,' the most romantic movie of all time. It is playing at the Brattle Theater. As we write this all shows are sold out. I was caught flat footed in line last Valentine's Day but this year I had the foresight to buy tickets in advance. After the movie, we'll be taking the Red Line to Fields Corner for a little post-cinematic snack and frivolity.

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