Sunday, February 22, 2009


Rumors are flying around Dorchester that the doleful darling of 1980s college radio may be making an appearance at Tom English's postage stamp-sized stage at the end of March. Word on the street is that Morrissey, former front man of The Smiths for those with long memories, and who is performing at the new House of Blues on Landsdowne Street, will be making an appearance in the Dot the following evening. The older hep cats in the neighborhood are all in a slather to hear the voice that expressed their ironic, youthful alienation.

Morrissey is scheduled to appear at the House of Blues on March 29th. There don't seem to be any tickets still available and maybe that is what has started the current swirl of hearsay, all of it speculative. After all, if our man is staying more than a day in Boston, wouldn't he make a pop-in and performance at one of Dorchester's humble yet classy neighborhood hot spots? Tom English's fits the bill. Its the kind of stylish dive that would appreciate his presence and probably a bit of impromptu crooning. He will not only be accepted, he will be loved.

None of this report is substantiated beyond speculation overheard while playing the deer hunt video game at Tom English's. This tap room is located at 957 Dot Ave, a short walk from the JFK/UMASS station on the Red Line (helpful hint: head inland and turn left on Dot Ave). Tom English's offers Pabst on tap, convection oven pizzas and sandwiches, and hearty camaraderie. If you go there on March 30th, you may see a special show or you may just have a special night whether any cult celebrities show up or not.

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