Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fantasy Dorchester

Isn't every day in Dorchester, the neighborhood where dreams are real, a fantasy? Yes and no. Mr. Roark never toured the Dot in a Chrysler New Yorker, but he would have if he could have, wouldn't he? Why hasn't any automobile model been christened 'The Dorchester?' That's a ride I'd pay good money to take and, as a matter of fact, I do... all for the price of renting my apartment. Everyone rides high and comfortably in Dorchester, Mass.

Dorchester is that part of Boston that promises plush cushions for your sore fundement. No one who stumbles in Dorchester gets worse than encouragement to pick themselves up and encouragement to keep trying. Punch-drunk and dazzled, Dorchester stumbles from one blow to the next, always ahead of creditors and the rat race. Dorchester, sweet Dorchester, I sing the names of your twisting, one-way streets like catechism chants along a string of beads. If anyone can reach salvation, they will do it in the Dot in record time.

Dignity begins and ends in Dorchester. Dorchesterites are proud for justifiable reasons. Often maligned and often overlooked as an afterthought, a swollen appendix easily excised, a blemish, a corral for Boston's citizens deserving the least consideration, Dorchester provides the muscle and the soul a world-class metropolis requires. It is a vital organ that buzzes a fugue of intertwined ambitions. Imagine if all Dorchesterites went on strike. Boston would shut down. Coffee would overflow unattended urns, hotel bedsheets wouldn't be changed, waste baskets wouldn't be emptied, bills wouldn't be paid on time and accounts receivable would languish unattended. Someone has to mind the store. The good people of Dorchester fill the roles they've been allotted and they do it with both vim and vigor.

They are not millionaires but they are not the kind to care. The people of Dorchester get by with an empty purse and pocketful of dreams. When it rains in the Dot, it rains pennies from Heaven. It doesn't matter what your bank statement reads. You are rich when you live in Dorchester.

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