Sunday, December 07, 2008

Polka Dot

The Polish part of Dorchester between Columbia Road and Andrew Square was all a-stir this past week. Rumors were travelling like wild fire and excitement was in the air about an impending celebrity visit. The Polish flag has been flapping with local pride on Boston Street in the winds that sweep off Dorcheser Bay.

Word had it that Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra were scheduled to make a stop at the Polish-American Citizens' Club at 82 Boston Street. The reason for the appearance was said to be the release of the orchestra's long-awaited new album, rumored to be entitled. "Lost in the Polish Triangle." Hope and pulses were running high.

As everyone who loves polka music knows, the inimatable Mr. Sturr has accrued more Grammy nominations than anyone in the history of polka. He has been nominated for a polka Grammy Award 23 times. He has won 17. He is a legend in the genre who has captured the hearts of a generation of beer barrel dancers. No wonder Dorchester's population of Polish descent was all a'flutter.

The excitement soon dampened however when the rumors proved to be false, the way word on the street often gets amplified. It turns out that a local DJ has acquired a bootleg copy of a recorded Jimmy Sturr concert that he was going to play at the club. The fidelity of the recording is so fine it would have seemed that Mr. Sturr and His Orchestra was really in the hall. The concert has been cancelled but if all the fervent fan letters out of Dorchester reach Mr. Sturr's heart, there may be an actual appearance after all.

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