Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No goose sale at Shaw's

I was at the Shaw's Supermarket at Harbor Point (hard to reach off Morrisey Blvd. by car but a short walk from the JFK/UMASS station) and noticed some frozen geese shrink-wrapped in plastic for sale. Don't quote me to the manager if you go looking, but goose is selling for $9.95 a pound. Those are some expensive birds. I checked the tag on the smallest one and the cost was $44.00. A feast fit for a king perhaps, but not this one.

There were six geese at the end of the open topped freezer display. They were wrapped in white packaging, as decorative as one could expect for a bulk poultry display. Next to the geese were four similarly sized bird carcasses wrapped in yellow with the word 'capon' prominently printed in red letters across their breasts. A capon is a castrated rooster which, like veal, is known for its abundant, tender meat. Retail price: $3.49 per pound.

X-mas is a few weeks away and I'm not really in the market for a main course to serve at the holiday feast. I am going to my mother's and I'm not going to carry a cooked bird in the trunk of my car for three and a half hours across the breadth of Massachusetts. I didn't compare the prices of these exotic viands to turkey or even regular chicken. I don't expect Shaw's to move a lot of goose this year and I don't think capons are a part of traditional Dorchester Yuletide festivities. That said, Shaw's is offering the option should you be so inclined. Check your bank balance first and weigh your chances of being laid off in January. If things look good, at least give the capon a try. It may be a memorable meal.

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