Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Those Wonderful Codman Women

Somebody should make a pin-up calender of the women of Codman Square. They come in all shapes and sizes, in every shade of skin color, of every personality and every aspect of charm. If any part of Boston can be judged by the character of the women on the street, Codman Square would be Destination A-Number-One, Double-Plus-Plus for bachelors looking to settle down.

The women of Codman Square (don't call them girls) are a remarkable breed. They stand straight and show off thier figures to best advantage. Therir conversation is as erudite as it is home grown; it is book smart and street savvy. When a Codman woman smiles, the sun shines brightly over the steeple of Dorchester's Second Meeting House.

These are Dorchester women, the best kind, no matter where their parents or grandparents came from. That old Dot magic gets assimilated pretty quickly. Maybe it's in the water, maybe it's in the air. Whatever it is, Codman Square is the heart of the Dot and the women who walk it overflow with love and good humor. It can't be easy being a Codman kind of woman but these women wear their grace good-naturedly.

From infant to great-grandmother, a Codman woman has an aura. It is self-confident and indomitable. Treat her right and a Codman woman will be a lady. Disrespect her and she will still be a lady, but this one will put you in your place. Foreign tourists looking for a quick pick-up be warned, Codman Square isn't a gathering place for floozies or tarts. There are other parts of Boston for that. Codman Square is where naive girls become seasoned women and they are all the more attractive for that.

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