Friday, November 28, 2008

Field's Black Friday

Having spent yesterday being thankful for their surroundings, the good people of Dorchester began their holiday shopping season in earnest late this morning. The streets around Field's Corner were bustling with foot traffic that was hurlier and burlier than usual. I just returned on the Red Line and throngs still teem Dot Ave and connecting side streets.

Super Dollar Plus was busy. Family Dollar was busy. Stereo Electronics was busy and its better know rival, Radio Shack, was busy. The busiest place of all was that bottomless bargain emporium, 99-Cent State, a place that puts Ocean State Job Lot to shame with less square footage and only one outlet located along the teeming sidewalks of Dot Ave.

At around 1:45 this Black Friday afternoon, people were waiting to get in. The fire marshall was called in to check that the store hadn't exceeded it's licensed capacity. The tree in this photo is hiding some of what's on offer in this marvellous shop. The sign reads: Elegant Gift, Toys Parts Bicycle, Kitchenware, School Supplies. The unobstructed side (so you don't have to fetch your reading glasses) says: Hardware, Household, Stationary, Frames & More. Set your imagination loose while you conceive of what 'more' may be. You won't be disappointed after you step through the front door. No wonder this was the busiest store in Dorchester today.

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