Saturday, October 18, 2008

Speed Racer

I just learned that a live action movie called "Speed Racer" is going to be released on May 9th. It seems to be based on the 1960s cartoon I enjoyed as a tyke. October may seem to be a little early to build interest in a movie six months away, but I think the PR men know what they are doing. Speed Racer hasn't been seen for a few decades and the public needs a reintroduction.

Where else in Boston is better to make an acquaintance than on the T? I am sure somebody in Tokyo or Hollywood visited Boston once and saw how just about every Bostonian interacts with the T in one way or another. This observation trickled down to the advertising wonks and space was purchased on the television screens that line the Red Line tunnel between South Station and Broadway.

I think it's a smart move. I'm sure the MBTA has reasonable rates even though thousands of people take the Red Line and stare out the window every single day of the year. October isn't too early to start advertising a movie set to open in May. It is probably just the right time in order to saturate the market. Some kids were looking out the train window today and the Speed Racer ad was playing. They shouted, "Yay! Speed Racer" The campaign seems to be having an impact already.

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