Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Peppermint?

Why does a bunch of rowdies rough around the edges, obviously capable of holding thier own in a brawl, choose a name at odds with all appearances? It is true the members of Dorchester's most visible motor scooter confederation have thier sweet side but can anyone take a gang called The Peppermint Squad seriously? People should and they do.

The name Peppermint Squad, like most things out of context, seems odd to the unitiated but it has a proud history. We are forbidden to tell all the details that surround this choice of monniker but we can put some rumors to rest. Some theories posit that breaking down pepper-mint down to its component words reveals the intent behind the name selection. The gang's members are indeed spicy and refreshing at the same time but that isn't the reason. It is true that oral hygiene is important to club members and they do engage in a group brush-in before embarking on patrol so that they display winning smiles without spinach in thier teeth, but toothpaste wasn't a deciding factor in picking thier name. It is also true that they have pep at the throttle and thier flagship scoot is a 1954 Vespa PX that is painted mint green where it isn't rusted. The Vespa PX, affectionately nicknamed 'La Fuomo del Campo Fillegro' doesn't figure into the equation.

The choice of name rests in the Squad's archives. This is a literate bunch that knows they are performing a historic act, cohering together in a selfless act of community involvement, one motor scooterist at a time. They have kept records that are deposited at the Boston Athaneaum every ten years since the club was founded. Their is one volume currently on file and Volume II is due for delivery in 2010. The club has stipulated, however, that public access cannot be granted until the year 2061 when Volume VI is completed and deposited and settled on the shelf.

We have been given permission to drop a clue because the Board of Directors is tired of repeatedly being asked, "Why are you called the Peppermint Squad?" Squad members love a mystery and they love a treasure hunt and they love a puzzle as much as the next person. Tiny Phillips, current club president has issued this statement with the tacit approval of his compatriots:
Schrafft's Candy Company is involved in the choice of the club's name.

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