Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dorchester, Mass.

They call it Dorchester and I love it. Door-Chess-Tear. A rebus made of a front door, a white horse's head and a crying eye. Don't cry for me Dorchester. I am happy here.

It is big and robust. It is tops. It is Dorchester, Mass. I was in Codman Square today. I plied down Norfolk Avnue to Morton Street and on to Mattapan. I was in Lower Mills, Adams Village, Neponset and Savin Hill. I took Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue then I hooked a right on Columbia Road down to Edward Everett Square.

Dorchester. The variations confound a simple soul. Dorchester. What comes around goes around and I was everywhere today. Dorchester. Why are you so perfect. So many people live in Dorchester of all sorts of backgrounds. I am a dot in the Dot trying to connect a pattern and plan. Some things are too big to be understood. Dorchester is one of them. It is nice all the same.

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